Paul and Betsy Ross Koller

I have been a patient of Dr. Brick since we came to Naples, nearly 10 years ago. Dr. Brick was recommended to me by friends who had been his patients for several years and were very happy with his highly professional services.

Both my husband and I have had a considerable amount of work done by Dr. Brick—both maintenance, as well as cosmetic, and on several occasions, we have had emergencies. We have always been cared for with utmost care by the entire staff. I have been especially gratified by the special care I have received in emergency situations. Everyone on Dr. Brick’s staff seems to have a special capacity to make each patient feel safe and in good hands.  

Dr. Brick is a very fine cosmetic dentist! I am extremely pleased with the work he has done for me! I have recommended him to several of my friends who need crowns. His work is quite simply the best—and he doesn’t accept any result except, perfection.

In summary, we would not go to any other dentist!  We trust this fine doctor to take care of one our most precious assets—our teeth!! 

Ron Munzenrieder

I have been a patient of Dr. Brick for over 20 years. He and his staff are the “Mayo Clinic” of dentistry, here in Naples.

Michael F. Starling

Most people dread going to their dentist. Dr. Tom Brick makes the experience more enjoyable with his sense of humor and professional touch.

More recently I had veneers added to my bottom teeth as the tops had already been done in Michigan. The whole procedure is very time consuming but Tom and his staff were very proficient with an involved scenario.

All of the employees are most friendly and caring. We have recommended Dr. Brick’s office to many of our friends!


Dr. Brick has been my dentist and my college age children’s dentist for several years now. His restorative work on my teeth is exceptional. He addressed all of my concerns and accomplished what I wanted.

The staff and Dr. Brick are very thorough without being invasive. I’ve recommended Dr. Brick to several friends and they have all been pleased with his staff and treatment.

Michael Carroll

My case represented a tremendous challenge to Dr. Brick because I had to work throughout the treatment. One might say, “No big deal, who can’t work because of dental procedures?” The answer is someone who makes their living TALKING!

The removal of teeth, temporary bridges, implant surgery, more temporaries, molds, final fittings, all while pursuing a successful voice-over career, the odds were not good that I would be able to do both. What turned the odds dramatically in my favor was Tom’s measured, methodical, and compassionate approach.

There are few individuals these days that exemplify the word “professional,” Dr. Tom Brick is one.  Moreover, when I moved away form Naples, I went to a dental practice that came highly recommended, each of the dentists in the practice saw me at one time or another, all asked, “Who did your implants?” I told them, “Dr. Tom Brick of Naples.” All had the same response, “Brilliant work!”

Victoria Carroll

Tom (Dr. Brick) put Veneers on my teeth that even my own mother couldn’t tell were Veneers. Upon seeing me after the work was completed, she ask me if I had my teeth whitened, or something different with my hair!

Tom is the perfect blend of the old doctor that we all dream of finding and the new doctor with all of the updated training. We have moved from Naples, but still visit. And part of the visit will always include a visit to Dr. Brick. Know that you couldn’t be in better hands.